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Two essentially different calibres ·besides the 37rn"' calibre Revolving Cannon are now manufactured ; the one is known as the " Hotchkiss Mitrailleuse," and another gun, designed specially for use in forts or fortified positions, this latter with a calibre of 52""" and a projectile weighing zkil. THE HOTCHKISS MITRAILLEUSE. This arm entirely resembles the Revolving Cannon in its construction, but it is generally made with nine instead of five barrels, the motion of the crank being accelerated by two helical wheels, to allow a speed of fire of about r so shots per minute.

Cannon with the guns under consideration ;1t that trial. The followin g tables comprise th e practice at ranges of 12 8o"'c'· and 189o"'•'·, as a comparison can only be then made if the ranges and other circumstances do not differ largely fro m each other. TRIALS AT SHOEI3URYNESS IN 1870. 30"'e1. apart. Distance of all guns from first target, 128o'"ct. Time of firing, two minutes. TABLE III. "' "'0 -~ = :::: 0 10<: NATURE OF ARM. 0 I - - I 1 mm .. 6"'"' E I " " " " Montigny Mitrailleur. 39 236 98 545 104 I 272 68 I I 19 2-1- 35 Second Experiment: Firing agai nst a column of targets 8,22"'•' long, representing 45 infantry, divided into three troops or companies 27m••· apart.

I 338 I. 99 41 164 48 I CONCLUSIONS FROM THE FOREGOING. , we find that the -number of hits per 100 shots fired with the Revolving Cannon, during an equal length of time, are six times greater than those obtained with the I 1'"'" than with the Mountain Gatling. I 1mm Gatling Gun, and twenty times greater E The number of hits per kil. of expended ammunition 1;; less fo r the Revolving Cannon than for the Field Gatling, but more than for the Mountain Gatling, while the effective power• is:For the Revolving Cannon For th e Field Gatling .

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