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By Wesley Thiesen

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ISBN-13: 9781556713019

This can be the 1st complete linguistic examine of Bora, a typologically strange language spoken in Colombia and Peru, the results of 4 a long time of labor one of the Bora humans. The language has an incredibly excessive variety of classifiers (over 300). those classifiers are utilized in quite a few how one can perform reference. by way of those classifiers, apposition is the first mechanism for growing referring expressions, instead of the extra cross-linguistically universal mechanism of constituency. additionally they offer tight intersentential unity in discourse. The animate/inanimate contrast is pervasive, manifesting itself within the morphology, syntax, and lexicon. This quantity additionally features a thorough research of Bora grammatical and lexical tone, which has a posh process of sandhi with default tone being excessive, unlike the vast majority of tonal languages. The ethnographic cartoon contains dialogue of the original Bora sign drums. This research can be of curiosity to all taken with typological matters, South American languages and peoples, or tone stories. Wesley Thiesen got his B.A. in Anthropology from Wheaton university in 1948. He and his spouse Eva labored for SIL one of the Bora-speaking humans from 1952 to retirement in 1998, dwelling a lot of that point in a Bora village. David Weber bought his Ph.D. in Linguistics from the collage of California, l. a. in 1983. He and his spouse Diana have labored with SIL due to the fact that 1969. From 1972 to 2002 their efforts involved in the Huallaga Quechua language. He at the moment serves as an SIL linguistic advisor. The book's disguise depicts a basket hand made by way of the Bora humans.

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