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19 contemporary Akkadian syllabary with the  and  signs). , HZL), while others (including the CHD) prefer to avoid the subscripted value and rely on users to know that qa in transliterated Hittite does not represent an emphatic velar. Because the signs Vg-gV, V-k-kV and Vq-qV all equally represent /VkV/ in Hittite, or something like this, and V-gV, V-kV and V-qV represent /VgV/, it is obvious that the function of a transliteration of Hittite is not to show precise pronunciation but to code the individual cuneiform signs in roman script, choosing where possible from common alternative values those which most nearly approximate what we think was the pronunciation.

14 As an example of a medial triconsonantal sequence, /harspawants/ must be spelled ḫar-aš-pa-wa-an-za. As shown by the above examples, Hittite regularly uses final Ca signs to spell word-final consonantal sequences. 138, p. 26 rev. , NH). 137 (p. 4 with n. 10 (p. 138), and AHP 29. Internal sequences of three consonants, the first of which is /n/, sometimes left the /n/ graphically unexpressed (so Kimball 1999: 315–16): li-ik-zi (/linktsi/) ‘he swears’ and li-ik-ta ‘he swore’. 12. The normal rules of cuneiform writing require that a VC sign either occur word-final or be followed by a CV(C) sign.

Very few homophonous signs are used interchangeably in Hittite. In the case of the homophonous signs šu and šú, the latter is used almost exclusively in logograms (- ‘his/her/its’) or proper names (mKaš-šú-ú). In the case of ur and úr, the former is much more common than the latter. In the following three pairs, the first sign can also have the i-containing value given in parentheses, while the second sign has only the e-containing value: ḫe (ḫi) and ḫé; ze (zi) and zé; né (ni) and ne. 35, p. 21).

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