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By Ernic Kamerich (auth.)

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This "hands-on" publication is for those who have an interest in instantly placing Maple to paintings. The reader is supplied with a compact, quick and surveyable consultant that introduces them to the broad functions of the software program. The e-book is adequate for traditional use of Maple and may offer innovations for extending Maple for extra really good paintings. the writer discusses the reliability of effects systematically and offers methods of checking out questionable effects. The publication permits a reader to turn into a person presently and is helping him/her to develop progressively to a broader and more adept use. as a result, a few topics are handled in an introductory means early within the e-book, with references to a extra designated dialogue later on.

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Maple does not daim that alI digits are correct in numerical computations; in this respect it acts like most numeric al packages and calculators. But eventualIy, Maple has an advantage: it can execute numerical calculations with very large numbers of digits. Sometimes, evalf yields a relatively small number that can better be neglected. For instance, it is possible that you expect a real value in a calculation, but get a small imaginary component when you apply evalf. 557407725 For fast numerical calculations, Maple can use fast floating-point procedures (double precision) from the C-library on the system.

It may be dear that changing the value of Xchanges the result of evaluating expr. > X := 5*Pi; X:=511" > expr; 7511"2 + 1000 It is essential ta consider present references of names involved in assignments, because the resuIt of evaluating the right-hand side is assigned ta the left-hand side. You can test whether you understand this mechanism by predicting the results of the following commands, then checking your predictions by entering the lines. 3 Unassigning A name can be unassigned by the aid of siogle forward quotes.

Numbers and algebraic operators to the surn of b and c. If you are using Maple in a windowing version, you can see that a is printed upright, while the other characters are slanted, indicating that Maple supposes that a is a function or procedure acting on b + c. At first sight, the following result rnight look strange: > solve( x-3 = 7(p+q) , X ); 10 Maple has interpreted 7 (p+q) as application of the constant function 7 to the pararneter p+q, with the obvious result 7. This interpretation would have corne out by Maple's screen output, ifthe equation had been entered before applying sol ve: > x-3 = 7(p+q); solve( %, x ); x-3=7 10 Any user can rnake rnistakes in typing forrnulas.

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