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By Geoffrey H. Dutton

ISBN-10: 3540649808

ISBN-13: 9783540649809

While spatial information is digitized to be used in geographic info structures and different software program, information regarding its unique scale, answer and accuracy is often misplaced. for this reason, utilizing such details at varied scales and mixing it with facts from different assets should be tricky. Mapping vector info at smaller than the unique scale calls for its generalization, that is frequently dealt with by means of post-processing in ways in which are just weakly supported by means of databases. The types and techniques defined during this e-book triumph over many such difficulties by means of offering a multi-resolution information illustration that permits retrieval of map information at a hierarchy of scales, in addition to documenting the accuracy of each spatial coordinate.

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2 Historical and Conceptual Background Everything is where it is having moved there. - William W arntz For hundreds of years, locations on the Earth have been described using lines of latitude and longitude. In advancing their fields, mapmakers, mariners, geographers, surveyors and many others have relied upon and refined this geodetic planetary grid to a high level of precision. With the marriage of aerospace and computer technology, the determination of location has become an advanced art, and serves human societies in many and diverse ways.

Use of our model to index global point data is summarized in appendix E. Chapter 3 concludes by illustrating how hierarchical methods can both ascertain and verify important aspects of positional data quality for cartographic data. Chapter 4 narrows the focus to map generalization, describing a feature-oriented data model and some hierarchical algorithms designed for characterizing and filtering cartographic detail. It starts with an overview of digital map generalization, providing a context for our own approach to line simplification.

Land Use Polygons o positional error b. Major Roads o positional error c. :l(~ix~2 error Fig. 3 Documenting Spatial Data Quality 13 Some GISs model features as sets of primitive geometric elements ("Primitives") which are stored together or separately, and are linked together to form semantic elements ("features") either via identifiers or topology. For example, the Earth's land masses may be represented as a set of polygons that describe continents, islands and lakes. A motor way can be a set of linked arcs, and a village can be modeled as a set of point features.

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