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After Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi left the physique in 1950, lots of Sri Ramana Maharshi's devotees got here to acknowledge Swami Sadhu Om, the writer of this ebook, not just as one of many most popular disciples of Sri Ramana Maharshi, but in addition as a person with the infrequent reward of explaining Sri Ramana Maharshi's teachings in a simple, transparent and straightforward demeanour that may be simply understood and likewise simply practiced through all honest seekers of real Self-knowledge.Thus lots of Sri Ramana Maharshi's devotees started to process Sri Sadhu Om looking rationalization of all facets of Sri Ramana Maharshi's teachings. This additionally integrated between different issues the right kind use of the strategy of Self-inquiry in one's practice.This ebook is set The Essence of non secular perform. This publication is full of suggestion, counsel and guidelines in the direction of easy methods to make your religious perform, particularly the perform of Self-inquiry, Self-awareness and Self-attention extra effective.Sri Sadhu Om spent 5 years within the corporation of Sri Ramana Maharshi and many years within the corporation of Sri Muruganar.

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How have all these come here? 97. In dream also we exist as “I am”, having become the one who sees everything there; but in that state also so many second and third person objects of various kinds are again known by the mind. How did all those come there? 98. In sleep also we exist as “I am”; however, in that state we do not see anything appearing as other than us. Therefore, our state of existing as “I am” alone shines always without ever slackening or being obstructed, whereas our state of knowing objects other than us undergoes change.

If you do not have the power to abide in Self, the reality, remain with love in the constant company of Sadhus who have known the reality. If you do not have even the good fortune to be in their company, have contact at least with the teachings of such Sadhus by constantly studying those books that contain the words (works) they have spoken. Studying such books is also sat-sanga (conscious association). 53. What are those books, the study of which is to be considered as sat-sanga? ” 54. If, in the name of conscious association (satsanga), you gather together all kinds of people, said “holy gathering” will consist only of a crowd of people who are skilled in oratory, or who have studied innumerable books, or who have mastered the sixtyfour mundane arts (apara-vidyas); all of which are unreal products of the mind’s power of imagination.

If this root-appearance, the rising of yourself as an individual soul, does not rise even in the least, that state will be the state of liberation, which is completely devoid of the imaginary appearances of the world and God. The Essence of Spiritual Practice 51 170. If one has the ability to deny oneself and thereby to destroy the rising of the ego in its very source, what other tapas need one perform? The real Self, the source in which the ego thus subsides and dies, alone is the state which is worth to purchase and attain by selling (or renouncing) all the three worlds.

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