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By Shechen Gyaltsap IV, Rinchen Dargye, Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche

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The outer maṇḍala, then, is to offer the outer vessel—the billions of external universes, each composed of the four continents, Mount Meru, the sun, and the moon—as well as the inner contents that fill them up, the immeasurable wealth of gods and men. offer these mentally, like the bodhisattva Samantabhadra did in his prayer, so that from each world more world systems emanate until they are as numerous as drops in the ocean. The inner maṇḍala is to offer, without a care or regret, everything in your possession—your aggregates and sense bases, your dear and cherished wealth, as well as the virtue you’ve accumulated throughout the three times, so that you and all other sentient beings may complete the accumulations of merit and wisdom.

These four principles are the application of total remorse, the application of the antidote, the power of restoration, and the power of the support. If we can apologize by employing all four powers in the remedy, we can be sure that all our negative deeds will be purified in this life. Nāgārjuna has said: Whoever was careless in the past, But later becomes conscientious Is as beautiful as the moon in a cloudless sky, Like Nanda, Aṅgulimāla, Ajātaśatru, and Udayana. In the special context of the secret mantra vajra vehicle, the meditation and recitation of Guru Vajrasattva is a practice that fully purifies all negativity and obscurations, like scattering a hundred birds in one instant.

The Buddha himself offered this advice to his followers: I have shown you the path of liberation, But know that liberation depends on you. This concludes the general instruction on generating the attitude of renunciation. PLANTING THE SEEDS OF THE SPECIAL PRELIMINARIES The root text says: If you wish to gain the common and supreme accomplishments in this life, First, ripen your mind with empowerment and keep your commitments pure. Then, go for refuge, the root of the path, And arouse the twofold mind of awakening, the essence of the path.

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