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The correlation of spacing with the rate of the pearlite reaction and presumably with the rate of growth, is close. 15% of molybdenum has a detectable effect upon the interlamellar spacing. This correlation of the spacing and the rate of growth appears to be important. Zener argues that there is reason to believe that cobalt increases the free energy of the pearlite reaction as compared to that in carbon steels, and thus provides more energy for the creation of the ferritecementite interface in pearlite, resulting in a decreased spacing.

KLIERand T. LYMAN:'The Bainite Reaction in Hypoeutectoid Steels', Trans. Am. Inst. Mining Metall. , 1944, 58, 394. W. A. ANDERSONand R. F. MEHL:'Recrystallisation of Aluminium in Terms of the Rate of Nucleation and the Rate of Growth', Trans. Am. Inst. Mining Metall. , 1945. 161, 140. F. E. BOWMAN:'Partition of Molybdenum in Hypo-eutectoid Iron-Carbon-Molybdenum Alloys', Trans. Am. Soc. , 1946,36,61. F. E. BOWMAN:'The Partition of Molybdenum in Steel and its Relation to Hardenability', Trans. Am.

Although these Widmanstiitten figures have long won the attention of metallurgists, since the days of Sorby, the mechanism has not yet been wholly clarified. lIoo~-+--___f ~ Fig. 25 Variation of the percentage of ferrite formed in a hypo-eutectoid steel as a function of reaction temperature. A comparison of the behaviour of coarse and fine grained steels is instructive. At the same high temperature Widmansrattcn figures will be observed in the coarse grained steel and not in the fine grained. The thickness of the ferrite plates is characteristically large at high temperatures; indeed, in the case cited, the spacing of the plates in the coarse grained steel is greater than the grain diameter itself of the fine grains.

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