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2 Others’ Memories In the first part (1992) of Angels in America, Tony Kushner has Harper, the saddened wife of a secretly homosexual husband, make a statement that, in isolation, would seem plainly self-evident: If I didn’t ever see you before and I don’t think I did, then I don’t think you should be here, in this hallucination, because in my experience the mind, which is where hallucinations come from, shouldn’t be able to make up anything that wasn’t there to start with, that didn’t enter it from experience, from the real world.

It will be as if the countersense of the figurative language finally overruns psychoanalytic theory. I will turn in a more detailed way in the next chapter to the problem of Freud’s psycho-Lamarckian theory of inherited memory but first I want to look at another illuminating series of figures in Freud’s writing – images of modern technology and especially the telephone – although this series is, as we shall see, interrelated with the ones discussed so far. 30 Freud’s Memory Telephone trouble There are modern types of pain – or, at any rate, specifically modern causes of pain and injury and death.

And indeed they defy not only science but also rationality:8 what is 40 Freud’s Memory supposedly acquired has the status of knowledge, though knowledge that may generally be inaccessible to conscious understanding, which is not a by-product of cognition, not having derived from perception or reason or even imagination. It is vestigial and quasi-instinctual. ’9 Freud’s inherited-memory theory is at odds with the idea that the mind of an individual is self-constituted on the basis of experience and cognition.

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