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"Perfect summertime reading—preferably with a pal close by who will be continually interrupted with unsettling evidence. ” —Daily Mail (UK )

Benjamin Franklin was once a pioneering scientist, chief of the Enlightenment, and a founder of the us. yet possibly much less popular is that he used to be additionally the 1st individual to take advantage of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on an electric-shock sufferer. Odder nonetheless, it used to be truly mouth-to-beak resuscitation on a chicken that he himself had stunned.

Welcome to a couple of the most unearthly and so much fabulous experiments ever carried out within the identify of technology. packed with tales of technology long past unusual, Electrified Sheep is filled with eccentric characters, irrational obsessions, and severe experiments. Watch as scientists try to nuke the moon, wince on the healthcare professional who plays a self-appendectomy, and trap the faint whiff of singed wool from an electrified sheep. [i][/i]

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It turns out, though, that the glass was probably uneven when it was made because of the glassmaking techniques at the time. Glass made now is very even in thickness, and experiments don’t show glass flowing, even over long periods of time. In fact, glass made during the ancient Roman era hasn’t deformed over many centuries. Most scientists think of glass as 7INDOWGLASS RAWRUBBER an amorphous solid. Just to confuse matters, though, glass does have some VOLCANICGLASS WAX AND properties of liquids, mainly its random FULGURITESGLASSTHATFORMS arrangement of atoms, so there are some WHENLIGHTNINGSTRIKESSAND scientists who think of glass as its own AREAMORPHOUSSOLIDS state of matter, neither liquid nor solid.

Since a base is the opposite of an acid, it is any substance that can accept a hydrogen ion (or proton). A base often has what’s called a hydroxyl group, or (OH-), because the hydroxyl group will react easily with a hydrogen ion to form water. These definitions of acids and bases sound very simple. Just one little proton moving around. What’s the big deal? That one little proton moving around and reacting has powerful consequences—a strong acid or base can eat through your skin, or even metal. ZNgV[T
=_\WRPa` O( We measure the acidity or alkalinity of a substance by using the pH scale.

COPPERREACTINGWITHTHE The pennies that are rinsed begin the slow ATMOSPHERE4HECOPPER process of forming copper oxide again, and will PATINA SOMETIMESCALLED turn a dull brown over time. The pennies that aren’t VERDIGRIS ACTUALLYPROTECTS rinsed still have vinegar and salt on them. These THESTATUEFROMFURTHER pennies develop a bluish-green coating, or patina. CORROSION THOUGH BECAUSE It is a complex patina of copper chloride. ITPROVIDESABARRIER When the vinegar and salt solution dissolves the BETWEENTHEPURECOPPER copper oxide, some of the copper dissolves too.

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