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By Thomas A. Cardwell

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A firm for joint war

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This led to continued discussions on employment of air power during the late 1940s . The Air Force and the Navy discussions were over the strategic offensive mission, and the Air Force discussion with the Army revolved around close air support of the land battle. The consistent emphasis by the Air Force on strategic bombardment was, 49 some critics charged, at the expense of tactical air and other missions . This discussion over roles and missions led Secretary of Defense James Forrestal in 1948 to seek agreement among the services on their respective roles and missions .

Korean and Vietnamese Conflicts In Korea in 1950 the command structure again became a major problem . Since the United Nations did not have a staff structure capable of directing military operations, on 8 July 1950 President Truman appointed Gen Douglas MacArthur commander of all military forces assisting the Republic of Korea. 53 These forces were placed under the unified command of the United States by members of the United Nations . 54 As the United Nations commander, General MacArthur controlled all Allied forces .

Montgomery and Royal Air Force's (RAF) Sir Arthur Coningham employed air power during the Egyptian campaign of 1942 through early 1943 . The British system put all Royal Air Force aircraft under a single air commander whose headquarters was collocated with the ground commander . This allowed close coordination between the air and land forces and allowed concentrated employment of all tactical air. Through efforts of the Generals Spaatz and Arnold, the Army approved a new air doctrine and organization in mid-1943 .

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