America and the Holy Land (With Eyes Toward Zion) by Moshe Davis PDF

By Moshe Davis

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The carrying on with dating among the USA and the Holy Land has implications for American and Jewish historical past which expand past the old narrative and interpretation. The devotion of american citizens of all faiths to the Holy Land extends into the non secular realm, and the Holy Land, in flip, penetrates American houses, styles of religion, and schooling. during this e-book Davis illuminates the interconnection of american citizens and the Holy Land in old point of view, and delineates distinct parts inherent during this dating: the function of Zion in American religious heritage, within the Christian religion, in Jewish culture and communal existence, and the provoke of Biblical position names at the map of the United States in addition to American settlements and associations within the kingdom of Israel. The e-book concludes with an annotated choose bibliography of fundamental resources on the US and the Holy Land.

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Clorinda Minor's work is recorded in her diary and letters, in accounts by travelers, and in several studies. See J. E. Hanauer, "Notes on the History of Modem Colonisation in Palestine," Quarterly Statement of the Palestine Exploration Fund (1900): 128-32; N. M. Gelber, "A Pre-Zionist Plan for Colonizing Palestine: The Proposal of a Non-Jewish German-American in 1852," Historia Judaica I (1939): 82-85; Mrs. Minor was in contact with Isaac Leeser, who published one of her letters in The Occident 12 (1854): 200-206.

Leonard, "The Study of Hebrew in American Protestant Institutions of Higher Learning," Hebrew Studies 17 (1976): 138-43. 15. It was published under the title A Sermon Preached at the Synagogue, in Newport, Rhode Island, Called uThe Salvation of Israel, " on the Day of Pentecost, or Feast of Weeks, the 6th Day of the Month of Sivan, the Year of the Creation, 5533: or, May 28, 1773, Being the Anniversary of Giving the Law at Mount Sinai: by the Venerable Hocham, the Learned Rabbi Haijm Isaac Karigal, of the City of Hebron, near Jerusalem, in the Holy Land.

For the text of the sermon, with a foreword by Stanley F. Chyet, see Rabbi Carigal Preaches in Newport (Cincinnati: American Jewish Archives, 1966). See also, George Alexander Kohut, "Early Jewish Literature in America," PAJHS 3 (1895): 123-25; Max Kohler, "The Jews in Newport," PAJHS 6 (1898): 78-79. 16. One of Stiles's students recorded this. : Lawyers International Publishing, 1917), 11: During our Senior year the President took the whole charge of our instruction. Ethics constituted our chief class study, and Locke's treatise our only text-book.

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