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By Edward Swick

ISBN-10: 0764108077

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ESL scholars taking intermediate-level classes will locate this ebook a necessary complement to their school room textbook. simply as very important, they are going to see it as a competent consultant to the intricacies of idiomatic American English. Why, in any case, should still a newcomer to the English language be anticipated to make experience out of such words as get at the ball...make a beeline...have a bone to choose? those and dozens extra words are defined, "translated" into extra formal English, and repeated in a number of contexts.

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He talks too much. He really goes against my grain. Gossip and rumors always went against her grain. html (1 of 2) [12/30/2007 12:47:03 PM] Document Page 13 56 To Go to the Dogs The meaning of this phrase actually has nothing to do with dogs. It is another way of saying that something is in very bad shape or ruined. During the depression, the whole country went to the dogs. If you keep acting like that, your reputation is going to go to the dogs. 57 With a Grain of Salt This phrase comes to English from an ancient source.

They're both so scatterbrained. 91 To Put up With This is a synonym for to endure. Mother won't put up with the noise for much longer. I've put up with your lies for the last time! 92 Red Tape This expression is used to say that governments and other official institutions have too many complicated procedures or too many difficult forms to be filled out in order to use one of their services. All I want is a tax formwhy all this red tape? The administrator's office kept us tied up in red tape for hours.

Her house was sold a couple of years after Granny kicked the bucket. 41 Face to Face This phrase means that two people are together and perhaps even looking at one another. The two leaders finally met face to face to discuss an end to the war. html (1 of 2) [12/30/2007 12:47:02 PM] Document Page 10 42 To Fall in Love/To Be in Love These idioms mean that someone is gradually developing a romantic relationship with another person. When the development is complete, they are a couple. I didn't want to fall in love with Mary, but she's so wonderful.

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