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This ebook bargains a entire exam of Methodist perform, tracing its evolution from the earliest days as much as the current. utilizing liturgical texts in addition to written debts in well known and personal assets, Karen Westerfield Tucker investigates many of the rites and seasons of worship in Methodism and examines them relating to American society.

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35 The published services also prepared the ground for the production in 1930 of trial orders of worship by the Methodist Episcopal Church’s Commission on Worship and Music, headed by Bishop Thirkield. Among the four services offered was an order for morning prayer (with rubrics indicating variations for evening) “adapted” from Wesley. 36 All four orders were framed in generally the same shape, and though they elaborated the previous “standard” form, they were now identified as following the psycho-spiritual-aesthetic sequence put forward by Congregationalists Von Ogden Vogt and Willard L.

Husbands were inviting their wives, to go to heaven with them; and parents calling upon their children to come to the Lord Jesus: And what was peculiarly affecting, I observed in the gallery (appropriated for the black people) almost every one of them upon their knees; some for themselves, and others for their distressed companions. In short, look where we would, all was wonder and amazement! As my strength was almost gone, I desired Brother Shadford to speak a few words to them. He attempted so to do, but was so overcome with the Divine presence, that he was obliged to sit down; and this was the case, both with him and myself, over and over again.

In many respects the 1965 Book of Worship was ill-timed: it appeared three years before the Methodist Church was to unite with the Evangelical United Brethren Church to constitute the United Methodist Church; and the work done did not take into account the liturgical research and ferment that had given rise to the Constitution on Sacred Liturgy (Sacrosanctum Concilium) and the subsequent ritual revision of the Second Vatican Council. Recognizing the problem, the United Methodist Church in 1970 established a committee to compose a series of alternate, yet unofficial rituals.

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