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Covers Jane Addams to Sidney Lanier

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Finally, Bronson simply closed the discussion: "I should like to have all your emblems, but have not time. '' He had asked his students to ponder things that they could not fully comprehend; he demanded growth but also commanded a special kind of fear. WRITERS Like her schoolmates, Louisa early discovered what is now called her unconscious only to find that it was somehow not her own but, rather, to a degree unusual in Victorian America, public property, even an arena for the formulation of new laws of etiquette.

Yet it was just in the penetration of this LOUISA MAY ALCOTT I 35 destructiveness that Alcott's potential for real artistic coherence at this point in her career lay. The public response to Moods was mixed. Alcott had dared to publish it partly because of the adulation accorded the infinitely less significant Hospital Sketches. Her gamble backfired, and she was fiercely responsive to the hostile reviews she received—this overreactiveness would constantly determine her career decisions. Critics, the young Henry James among them, attacked her ignorance of the passions of love and the institutions of marriage and mocked the exaggerated quality that characterizes the whole book.

Like Edgar Allan Poe, Alcott brushed away the intricacies created by other more socially-minded authors in their awareness that good as well as evil exists and plays its part. More interested in the criminal mentality than in the process of unmasking it, Alcott presents the scenario of deception, the essential plot of the sensation story, as its own raison d'etre. Behind a Mask (1866), Alcott's masterpiece in this genre, concerns a governess called Jean Muir, a kind of alter ego to Sylvia. Jean poses as a nineteen-year-old victim of fortune loved too well by too many.

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