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By Jay Parini

ISBN-10: 0684806258

ISBN-13: 9780684806259

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Porter, Carolyn. " Contemporary American Women Writers: Narrative Strategies. Edited by Catherine Rainwater and William J. Scheick. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1985. Pp. 9-28. Schapiro, Barbara. " Webster Review 10(2): 86-101 (Fall 1985). Stein, Lorin. " The Yale Review 85: 156-166 (1997). Updike, John. " The New Yorker, November 29, 1976, pp. 164-166. Wyatt, David. " Southern Review 28(1): 145-159 (Winter 1992). INTERVIEWS Centola, Steven R. " Contemporary Literature 31(4): 405^22 (Winter 1990).

Lenore, in "Weekend," has lived with George, a former English professor, for years, and they have two children. On the weekends, he invites old students to visit and drinks too much. " Several people ask her why she does stay, and she 28 / AMERICAN WRITERS gives different answers. What she tells her brother is close to the truth—"She has a comfortable house. She cooks. " If dreams bring only grief, these two stories suggest that unblinking acceptance of reality is even harsher. " Set between suburban Connecticut and New York City, Falling in Place is peopled by two interlocking sets of characters.

Permettez-moi de vous presenter Sam McGuire" Charles says. Sam is standing in the doorway holding a carton of beer. Since Sam's dog died he has been drinking a lot of beer. It is raining, and Sam's hair streams down his face. "Hi," Susan says without looking up. "Hi," Sam says. Beginning with dialogue, and built around dialogue, the novel moves loosely from one conversation to the next, the intervening passages most often recording inner deliberation or associative thought. Beattie has always found dialogue easier to write than exposition, and that ease is evident here.

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