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By Leonard Unger, Jay Parini

ISBN-10: 0684312336

ISBN-13: 9780684312330

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34. Nordyke, Lewis. ” New York Times Book Review, September 9, 1956. Pellecchia, Michael. ” New York Times Book Review, February 4, 1990, p. 18. Teale, Edwin Way. Review of Desert Solitaire. New York Times Book Review, January 28, 1968, p. 7. Waldhorn, Arthur. “Fiction—Hayduke Lives! ” Library Journal, December 1989, p. 164. FILM BASED ON THE WORK OF EDWARD ABBEY Lonely Are the Brave. Screenplay by Dalton Trumbo. Directed by David Miller. Janus Films, 1962. —DONNA SEAMAN Margaret Atwood 1939– M wrote for the literary journal, the college newsletter, and the dramatic society.

Jordan does not realize is how cunning a storyteller Grace may be; he is never able to determine the truth. What is more, the reader never knows either. It is never clear whether she lies or tells the truth, if she is very clever or rather dull but honest. The novel introduces gothic elements as well: Grace may have been possessed by her 32 / AMERICAN WRITERS friend Mary Whitney. Grace’s narrative characterizes her as observant and clever, but throughout she claims her acerbic and cynical commentary to have come originally from her friend.

She realizes that she had actually had an abortion recommended by her married and middle-aged lover. She was never married, never had a child, but the real memory was too painful. She recalls that this is why she withdrew from her parents. Her memory intact, she is grateful to the environment that brought back the truth for her, and she begins a shamanistic descent into the nonhuman. The third section resumes first person present narration. ” She believes that she can feel her lost child rising in her.

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