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By Leonard Unger, Jay Parini

ISBN-10: 0684313065

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At Riverside, Bidart also discovered the work of modernist writers like T. S. Eliot and Ezra Pound; Eliot became a favorite, but reading Pound had a profound effect on his ideas about how to make a poem. He found the possibility of bringing together “many different kinds of thing” in a poem, as Pound had in The Cantos, to be enormously liberating: “if you can create a structure that is large enough or strong enough, anything can retain its own identity and find its place there” (Western Night).

Another Woman. Orion Pictures, 1988. WOODY ALLEN / 17 Crimes and Misdemeanors. Orion Pictures, 1989. New York Stories (“Oedipus Wrecks”). Touchstone Pictures, 1989. Alice. Orion Pictures, 1990. Husbands and Wives. Columbia-TriStar, 1992. Shadows and Fog. Orion Pictures, 1992. Manhattan Murder Mystery. Columbia-TriStar, 1993. Bullets over Broadway. Sweetland/Miramax, 1994. Mighty Aphrodite. Sweetland/Miramax, 1995. Everyone Says I Love You. Sweetland/Miramax, 1996. Deconstructing Harry. Sweetland/Fine Line, 1997.

It also highlights the fact that his concerns have remained fairly constant: the legacy of the dead to the living, the need for a metaphysics that will make the harsh realities of life tolerable, the possibility that art can somehow reveal what is hidden by the surfaces of ordinary life. At the same time, Bidart shows that as his career has moved forward, he has been able to invent vehicles that allow him to explore his obsessions with more subtlety and complexity. After reading “The War of Vaslav Nijinsky,” “Confessional” and even “Ellen West,” the poems in Golden State seem almost naïve in their simplicity and directness.

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