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It is ironical that Adams, who largely agreed with Tolstoi's concept of political leaders being carried along in the flood of events which they try vainly to control, should take exception to Tolstoi's primary illustration of his theory. Yet so it is. Napoleon seems to strike Adams as the one human being of the period who contains in himself an energy equivalent to a nation's energy and who is thus able to deflect history from its normal course. When one sees the emperor lolling in his hot bath and shouting at his brothers about the Louisiana Purchase, one feels that Adams is here dealing with a different kind of force from that generated by Jefferson, by Burr, by Canning, or even by Andrew Jackson.

One may doubt that Adams, at the time, really believed that this was failure. At any rate, he gave up both teaching and editing before he was forty. He and his wife, Marian Hooper of Boston, whom he had mar- ried in 1872, settled in Washington, and he began at last a full-time career as a historian. The next eight years were the happiest of his life. The young Adamses were the center of the brightest, gayest group in the capital. " Mrs. " They solve their social problems simply by not knowing any of the people they do not want to know, although here Mr.

For the first time he encountered something that even his 12 I AMERICAN WRITERS critical mind could regard as perfection. It was an experience that he was never to get over. He divined in the cathedral the intention of twelth-century man to unite all arts and sciences in the service of God. It was an architectural exhibit, a museum of painting, glass staining, wood and stone carving, music (vocal and instrumental), embroidery, jewelry, gem setting, tapestry weaving. It was the greatest single creation of man, to whom it gave a dignity which he was in no other instances entitled to claim.

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