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This is much like Emerson's own "Gnothi Seauton": RALPH WALDO EMERSON / 19 He is in thy world, But thy world knows him not. He is the mighty Heart From which life's varied pulses part. Clouded and shrouded there doth sit. The Infinite .. " Emerson's cryptic and summary comment on more extended thought gave it the close form of meter and rhyme which he was concerned with as a part of the structure of the universe—its recurrent tide in season and in man. For him this form was not "organic" in the sense that we sometimes use the term, as Coleridge used the term, in the individual and spontaneous unfoldment of self as a flower.

Even the Unitarians, though, who were the aristocratic as well as the intellectual people of the place, WRITERS found the chapel benches rather hard, I fancy, before the lecture was over, and I recall much stirring. There was, too, a decided sprinkling of scoffers among the audience, whose sentiments were disclosed during the decorous exit. Incomprehensibility, at that epoch generally, was the great offence; it was a sort of universal charge against anything uncomprehended, made in complete innocence of any obligation to comprehend.

Emancipation in the British West Indies" (1844), "The Fugitive Slave Law" (1851 and 1854), "John Brown" (1859), "The Emancipation Proclamation" (1862), "Abraham Lincoln" (1865), all carry the weight of a pressing issue. Thoreau is said to have rung the bell for the public meeting at the Concord Court House in 1844, at which many citizens opposed Emerson's attitudes on emancipation. " How he delights in the fact of the West Indies' final emancipation, in the fact of "the steady gain of truth and right," in the intelligent self-interest despite the voluptuousness of power.

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