Download e-book for iPad: America's Midlife Crisis: The Future of a Troubled by Gary R. Weaver;Adam Mendelson

By Gary R. Weaver;Adam Mendelson

ISBN-10: 1931930074

ISBN-13: 9781931930079

Anything has occurred to the basic nature of yankee culture...a midlife crisis.Recently observers have famous a seismic shift a ways past common cyclic adjustments in tradition and developments in the USA. Following September eleven, the U.S., now not convinced within the security of 2 huge oceans, a strong army constitution and a dominant economic system, built rules and practices that exclude foreigners and appear to violate uncomplicated civil rights assured less than the structure. After a long time of the ebb and move of isolationism and expansionism, the U.S. took a inflexible new tack that hasn't been reversed yet.What's occurring in the US? And extra importantly, why? America's Midlife concern examines the heritage and tradition of the rustic at a very important element in its improvement. From immigration to to global impression, this booklet captures the values, ideals and behaviors of an more and more complicated society that's suffering to carve out its position in a brand new international order.ContentsIntroduction1 American nationwide tradition: an issue of tradition and History2 what's the American tradition and what's a standard American?3 Melting Pots to Mosaics: Race and Immigration4 From John Winthrop to John Wayne: Exceptionalism, Self-Reliance, and Cowboy Values5 do not simply Stand There, Do Something!6 American Civic Culture7 Prosperity at domestic, status out of the country: overseas Policy8 What Holds the US jointly additionally Tears it Apart9 a countrywide Midlife predicament? the place will we cross from Here?BibliographyIndex

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This meant that they had to establish new ways of maintaining communication with loved ones. The use of the telephone increased but people still had difficulty keeping in touch with family and friends and the amount of face-to-face communication decreased. While it gave everyone a greater sense of freedom and independence, it also created more social distance between loved ones. In many ways, the automobile changed the American society as much as airplanes and modern electronic communication and information have changed the world.

Another common debating tactic is the creation of a “straw man” when you caricature your opponent’s argument and then knock down the straw man you created. Using this technique, a debater defines his opponent’s position in the most extreme or absurd terms possible. For example, in a debate, the opponent of someone who advocates the public funding of medical care for everyone might create a “straw man” by saying that this policy is the same thing as communism. Then he will go on to argue against communism, rather than universal health coverage.

It would be viewed as look-at-me showboating and taking an irrational risk. ” This reflected the practice of honoring elders and respecting the collective values of traditional Chinese culture instead of individualistic grandstanding. qxp 7/1/08 2:27 PM Page 18 AMERICA’S MID ★ LIFE CRISIS authority—was met with little attention or cultural resonance. For an American or Chinese person to interpret each picture according to their own cultural values takes little effort. However, for them to understand how and why each picture resonates in the other’s culture, realistic cultural empathy is required.

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