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Investigative reporter Robert Parry reframes key chapters of yankee historical past through exploring earlier occasions that also force the U.S. political narrative from why the Framers junked the Articles of Confederation in want of the structure, to how the fashionable Republican occasion embraced a win-at-all-cost ethos, to why the Democrats turn away from the labor of responsibility. the US S STOLEN NARRATIVE takes you on a trip from the USA s founding and the plotting of George Washington and James Madison to Richard Nixon s sabotage of Lyndon Johnson s Vietnam peace talks, directly to the Watergate scandal (showing how these darkish chapters have been particularly one non-stop storyline). The e-book then explores the political deceptions that surrounded the presidencies of Ronald Reagan and the 2 George trees and explains how that fake historical past entrapped Barack Obama

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Almost as soon as the British survivors had limped back into Boston, Warren and Revere began overseeing another important intelligence operation, the task of documenting what had happened and getting out the word. Nearly 100 depositions were taken from witnesses, including colonists who had come under fire at Lexington. They presented the clash as an unprovoked British attack on militiamen who were not blocking the Redcoats’ route and who were beginning to disperse when the shooting began. ” The depositions were put into print, along with a letter from Dr.

They kept him constantly on the defensive with investigations, allegations and suspicions. That playbook would now be dusted off for President Obama, except in the intervening 16 years, the Right had buttressed its media power with Fox News and many top-of-the-line Internet sites. Obama might have wanted political peace but he would get ideological war. The Republican Party, which barely two years earlier had been contemplating a permanent majority, was not about to accept the legitimacy of this child of a white mother from Kansas and a black father from Kenya.

Reports were flowing into Warren’s medical office, his make-shift intelligence headquarters. As described by historian David Hackett Fischer in Paul Revere’s Ride, “In the highly charged atmosphere of Boston, scarcely an hour passed without some new rumor or alarm. Doctor Warren had become highly skilled in diagnosing these political symptoms. On the afternoon of April 18, as these reports suddenly multiplied, he began to suspect that the Regulars were at last about to make the major move that had long been expected.

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