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Each part is delineated with a pair of parentheses to indicate the extent of the three cells. The first cell, designated as Part 1, has been selected by clicking the cursor anywhere in the region between the parentheses pairs. This results in the area being highlighted with a light tan background. 12. Recommendation Because of the features mentioned above and because of the seamless integration of the Editor and its features with the rest of MATLAB, it is strongly recommended that the reader create all programs, no matter how small, in the Editor and then run them directly from the Editor.

MATLAB permits one to overload a built-in function name. For example, the following expression is a valid MATLAB expression cos = a+b*x^2; However, since ‘cos’ is also the name used for the cosine function, cos(x), this is a poor choice for a variable name and it is strongly recommended that such redefinitions be avoided. An exception to this recommendation is when all quantities in one’s program are real variables. In this case, overloading i and j will not cause any unexpected results. 5; y = sqrt(abs(exp(-pi*x)-sin(x)/cosh(a)-log(x+a))) where the MATLAB function pi = p.

If the vector or matrix is complex, then, in addition, the complex conjugate of each element is taken. Á Ellipsis Continuation of a MATLAB expression to the next line. Used to create code that is more readable. Blank Context dependent: either ignored, indicates a delimiter in a data creation statement such as c = [a b], is a character in a string statement, or is a delimiter in an optional form of certain MATLAB functions such as syms a b and format long. @ At sign Constructs a function handle by placing @ before a function name, such as @FunctionName.

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