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By Archer K.J., Dumur C.I., Joel S.E.

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Benjamin Franklin was once a pioneering scientist, chief of the Enlightenment, and a founder of the us. yet possibly much less popular is that he used to be additionally the 1st individual to exploit mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on an electric-shock sufferer. Odder nonetheless, it used to be really mouth-to-beak resuscitation on a rooster that he himself had surprised.

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Although the smallest grains are by far the most numerous in the coma, they contribute little mass to the comet's total dust output - on the contrary most mass is recorded in the biggest particles. The total dust emission from comet Halley has been estimated by McDonnell et al. , 1986). , 1987). The new "post-Halley" approach to comet simulation presented in this paper originates from a large group of specialists in different fields connected to cometary research, ranging from comet modelling, ice physics and chemistry, mineralogy, to space simulation and space mission techniques, of which the four authors are only representatives.

In work done in our laboratory we have repeated the production and measurement of aluminum particles and have extended the far infrared measurements (which agree rather well with the original work) into the near infrared. These results from the Thesis of Rathmann (1981) are shown in figure 5 as the triangles with the circles for the original work. Comparison is made with Rayleigh calculations for spheres and for the continuous distribution of ellipsoids. For the particle sizes in the sample (as measured by transmission electron microscopy) there is essentially no difference between Mie calculations and the Rayleigh calculations.

Huffman 32 in clustered particles seems to work rather well. , '01<. ///' .............. ) for aluminum smoke particles compared with calculations for spheres and for a continuous distribution of ellipsoidal shapes (CDE). Details are found in Rathmann, 1981. 3 Silver Our next example of the effect of clustering is based solely on experimental measurements and relates to clustered and un clustered particles of silver. In investigations of optical effects in small metal particles, silver has played a dominant role.

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Assessing quality of hybridized RNA in Affymetrix GeneChip experiments using mixed-effects models by Archer K.J., Dumur C.I., Joel S.E.

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