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By Raphael Mercado, Eric Potsdam, Lisa deMena Travis

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The Austronesian language relatives is the most important language family members on the earth, but its participants are fairly little studied, relatively from a proper point of view. apparently, simply because those languages express typologically strange homes, they pose vital demanding situations to linguistic concept. Any thought that postulates a grammar that's universal to all languages needs to keep in mind the actual features of this language relations. The contributions to this quantity include 5 chapters on phonology and twelve chapters on syntax, all addressing facets of those Austronesian demanding situations. the quantity offers new info, new analyses of outdated information, and comparisons of heavily similar languages, in addition to comparisons to languages open air of the language family members. Taken jointly they shape a distinct photograph of Austronesian linguistics. This quantity could be of curiosity to researchers and scholars in phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and language typology, in addition to students of Austronesian languages.

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22) presents the reduplicated f{)rms of the examples in (21). , ____ (22) a. 1> r ----) o ----)o% _/ ______/' b. ______ If we follow the precedence links in both representations in (22), we see that we can return to any segment we start from, which indicates that the overall precedence structures in these forms are symmetric and reflexive. Visually, there is a 'loop' in the repre-sentation, but there is no special formal status to this aspect of the representation. Phonology contains a linearization process that resolves any reflexive and symmetrical attributes through the copying and repetition of segments.

The discontiguous reduplication analysis I advance here is laid out in parts. ed in Opti-mality Theory by isolating a set of constraints that dominate MAX- BR. e of the reduplicant is established, it must be populated with segments corresponding to segments in the base. In most languages, the prototypical situation involves contiguous reduplication, where CONTIG- BR is ranked relatively highly. By contrast, languages containing patterns of discontiguous reduplication must rank CONTIG- BR lower.

Tire Phonetic Description of Voice Quality. Cambridge: CUP. Matisoff, J. 1973. Tonogenesis in Southeast Asia. In Consonant Types and Tone, L. ), 71·· 96. Los Angeles CA: USC. The role oflarynx height in the Javanese tense -- lax stop contrast Meechan, M. 1992. Register in Khmer: The Laryngeal Specification of Pharyngeal Expansion. MA thesis, University of Ottawa. Poedjosoedarmo, G. 1974. Role Structure in Javanese. PhD dissertation, Cornell University. Poedjosoedarmo, G. 1986. The symboHc significance of pharyngeal configuration in Javanese speech: Some preliminary notes.

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