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By Bohumil Kudlicka

ISBN-10: 8090377807

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Книга photograph pastime handbook 1001: Avia B-534 Czechoslovakian Fighter 1933 - forty five picture pastime handbook 1001: Avia B-534 Czechoslovakian Fighter 1933 - forty five Книги Вооружение Автор: Bohumil Kudlicka Год издания: 2006 Формат: pdf Издат.:CMK - Czech Masters Kits Страниц: ninety two Размер: 41.64 ISBN: 8090377807 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Photographic insurance of this WWII Czechoslovakian fighter plane, strange in being a bi-plane. 8pp 1:72 scale plans. variation line profiles. 24 color profiles. 164 b/w & 7 color images.

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