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18: 261 25 SP 24L !. e. n F = 3600C. 76) as AH is negative, C will have a positive value. e. 12. We thus have the capacity of this battery based on the molar reaction accompanied by the production of 95 458 cal. On this basis it is possible to devise a calorimetric method for obtaining the capacity of any battery, as will be discussed later. e. the normal concentration recommended for a lead-acid battery) and the final concentration of sulphuric acid at the end of discharge was 21% by weight. During discharge, 196g of sulphuric acid were consumed and 36g of water produced.

F. at T"C when acid has activity a,, at the end of discharge, and T is the cell temperature in "C. f. e. f. e. 436. f. e. 842) decreasing to 21% by weight sulphuric acid @e. f. 0082V, Le. 0181V. f. f. 9% is quite small. f. of approximately 3V which, in some types of battery application, will be significant. f. 5. f. f. 03 V at 2 5 T , corresponding to a sulphuric acid concentration of about 29% by weight. f. is that of the charged battery on open circuit. f. 00V at 25°C. f. values differ from these values because of various charge and discharge effects.

E. 15 Thermodynamic calculation of the capacity of a battery 4 79 , , , , , , 1 , , , ! 11 Lead-acid battery. f. and heat cont'ent change (AH) at 25°C or B+ne=Bn- The number of equivalents of chemical action or the number of electrons involved in the reaction is denoted by n (Le. n x F = n x 96500amp-seconds). f. f. (dEldT) are determined In the reaction in which 1mol of lead and lead dioxide react with 2 mol of sulphuric acid to produce 2 mol of lead sulphate and 2mol of water (Le. the discharge process in a lead-acid battery): Pb + PbOz + 2HzS04 + 2e = 2PbS04 + 2 8 2 0 the amount of electrical current produced is 2 F, Le.

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