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By Gunther Kress

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Gunther Kress argues for an intensive reappraisal of the phenomenon of literacy, and as a result for a profound shift in academic perform. via shut recognition to the plethora of gadgets which little ones continually produce--drawings, cut-outs, writings and collages-- Kress indicates a collection of ideas which display the underlying coherence of children's actions-- activities which permit us to attach them with makes an attempt to make that means ahead of they gather language and writing.

This publication presents basic demanding situations to usually held assumptions approximately either language and literacy and notion and motion. It areas those demanding situations in the context of hypothesis concerning the skills in order to develop into crucial for kids as teens, and demands the unconventional decentering of language in academic conception and perform.

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In particular I wish to reflect on the social, cultural and cognitive implications of the transition from the rich world of meanings made in countless ways, in countless forms, in the early years of children’s lives, to the much more unidimensional world of written language. The social semiotic theory which underpins my approach insists that all signs and messages are always multimodal. That is, no sign or message ever exists in just one single mode (for instance in ‘language’, ‘writing’). An essay written at a university is written on a particular kind of paper—hastily torn from a notebook or carefully chosen for its look or feel; it is carelessly handwritten or neatly word-processed; it is either well laid out or it is inattentive to aspects of display.

So the ‘I like it like that’ is quite likely to include much greater complexity than that phrase suggests on the surface. The two parts of his utterance combine affect ‘I like it like that’, and representational necessity ‘lt has to be like that’ Each contains a complex of reasons, and desires. One possibility which I hinted at earlier is that when the representation ‘comes off the page’, it enters another world. 4 Girl (cut out) to a world of tactile, physical, objective action. While it is on the page I can do ‘mental things’ with it.

SOME CHARACTERISTICS OF SPEECH AND OF WRITING One of the insights of social theories of language which is now taken for granted is that language varies as the social context varies. A social semiotic approach goes further; it takes the stronger position that it is social factors which lead people to remake language. The reasoning is something as follows. ’ Each has, its own, special requirement. The requirements of communication are that the participants in an act of communication should make their messages as understandable for a particular person in a particular situation as it is possible to do.

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