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By Hiroyuki Ohshima

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ISBN-10: 0470630639

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Content material:
Chapter 1 strength and cost of a troublesome Particle (pages 1–46):
Chapter 2 capability Distribution round a Nonuniformly Charged floor and Discrete cost results (pages 47–62):
Chapter three transformed Poisson?Boltzmann Equation (pages 63–82):
Chapter four power and cost of a smooth Particle (pages 83–110):
Chapter five loose power of a Charged floor (pages 111–131):
Chapter 6 strength Distribution round a Charged Particle in a Salt?Free Medium (pages 132–162):
Chapter 7 Electrostatic interplay of aspect fees in an Inhomogeneous Medium (pages 163–185):
Chapter eight strength and capability strength of the Double?Layer interplay among Charged Colloidal debris (pages 186–202):
Chapter nine Double?Layer interplay among Parallel related Plates (pages 203–240):
Chapter 10 Electrostatic interplay among Parallel assorted Plates (pages 241–264):
Chapter eleven Linear Superposition Approximation for the Double?Layer interplay of debris at huge Separations (pages 265–282):
Chapter 12 Derjaguin's Approximation at Small Separations (pages 283–297):
Chapter thirteen Donnan Potential?Regulated interplay among Porous debris (pages 298–322):
Chapter 14 sequence enlargement Representations for the Double?Layer interplay among debris (pages 323–356):
Chapter 15 Electrostatic interplay among smooth debris (pages 357–374):
Chapter sixteen Electrostatic interplay among Nonuniformly Charged Membranes (pages 375–380):
Chapter 17 Electrostatic Repulsion among Parallel tender Plates after their touch (pages 381–387):
Chapter 18 Electrostatic interplay among Ion?Penetrable Membranes in a Salt?Free Medium (pages 388–398):
Chapter 19 van der Waals interplay among debris (pages 399–419):
Chapter 20 DLVO thought of Colloid balance (pages 420–430):
Chapter 21 Electrophoretic Mobility of sentimental debris (pages 431–467):
Chapter 22 Electrophoretic Mobility of focused tender debris (pages 468–479):
Chapter 23 electric Conductivity of a Suspension of soppy debris (pages 480–484):
Chapter 24 Sedimentation capability and speed in a Suspension of soppy debris (pages 485–496):
Chapter 25 Dynamic Electrophoretic Mobility of a delicate Particle (pages 497–507):
Chapter 26 Colloid Vibration strength in a Suspension of soppy debris (pages 508–514):
Chapter 27 powerful Viscosity of a Suspension of soppy debris (pages 515–532):
Chapter 28 Membrane power and Donnan power (pages 533–542):

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H. Ohshima, T. W. Healy, and L. R. White, J. Colloid Interface Sci. 90 (1982) 17. 8. H. Ohshima, J. Colloid Interface Sci. 171 (1995) 525, 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. H. Ohshima, J. Colloid Interface Sci. 174 (1995) 45. H. Ohshima, J. Colloid Interface Sci. 200 (1998) 291. G. Wilemski, J. Colloid Interface Sci. 88 (1982) 111. H. Ohshima, Colloids Surf. A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects 169 (2000) 13. J. C. Maxwell, A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism, Vol. 1, Dover, New York, 1954 p. 220. 1 Potential Distribution Around a Nonuniformly Charged Surface and Discrete Charge Effects INTRODUCTION In the previous chapter we assumed that particles have uniformly charged hard surfaces.

1=2 y  2er eo kkT 1 1 sinh o 1 þ À 1 ze 2 cosh2 (yo =4) b2 ð1:158Þ with D¼ È ð1 þ bÞtanh(yo =4) 1 þ 1 À (1 À b2 )tanh2 (yo =4) É1=2 ð1:159Þ where yo ¼ zeco/kT is the scaled surface potential of the cylinder. For low potentials, Eq. 158) reduces to Eq. 144). 3 Arbitrary Potential: General Electrolytes We start with Eq. 160) may further be rewritten as d2 y 1 dy df ¼ k2 f (y) þ dr 2 r dr dy ð1:161Þ where f(y) is defined by Eq. 56). Making the change of variables (Eq. 147)), we can rewrite Eq. 161) as " ' & ' #& d2 y dy df K 0 (kr) 2 df dy ¼ f (y) À 1 À À c c þ c f (y) dc2 dc dy K 1 (kr) dy dc 2 ð1:162Þ When ka ) 1, Eq.

122) agree with the exact results within the linewidth. 12 Contour lines (isopotential lines) for c(r) around a positively charged sphere with yo ¼ 2 at ka ¼ 1. Arbitrary scale. 13 Density plots of counterions (anions) around a positively charged spherical particle with yo ¼ 2 at ka ¼ 1. Calculated from nÀ(r) ¼ n exp(+y(r)) with the help of Eq. 121). The darker region indicates the higher density and nÀ(r) tends to its bulk value n far from the particle. Arbitrary scale. 14 Density plots of coions (cations) around a positively charged spherical particle with yo ¼ 2 at ka ¼ 1.

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