Borden Chantry: Talon and Chantry Series, Book 4 by Louis L'Amour PDF

By Louis L'Amour

ISBN-10: 0553898922

ISBN-13: 9780553898927

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Ed scowled. “Borden, that man didn’t size up like no trouble-hunter. Quiet man, like I say. ” “Twenty-dollar gold piece. ” Ed pushed back his chair and got up. “I got to clean up. Dot ain’t comin’ in today. Headache or somethin’. ” Borden Chantry walked out on the street. He should go home, let Bess know he was back, anyway. She always worried whenever he rode out after outlaws, but so far it had proved less dangerous than handling wild horses or longhorns. He’d go home, but first he’d stop by the old barn and have a look at the dead man.

Not doing it right. He’d been hired by the city fathers and it was his job to keep the peace and punish the evildoer…or hold them for judgment. He frowned. The dead man had eaten at the Bon-Ton, had paid for his meal and left. He should have asked whether it was breakfast or dinner…or even supper. Anyway, it would seem, the man had been around town a few hours. Well, what did he have? The victim had left the Bon-Ton. The next morning he had been found dead…So where had he been? Not that there were so many places to go.

No, sir. ” “That sorrel, Billy? ” “No, sir. ” Suddenly Billy’s eyes became fearful. ” “No, Billy, I am not. I don’t have any idea what was done or who did it. Your pa’s a good man, Billy. He has his problems, like we all do, but he’s no murderer. ” Borden Chantry got to his feet. “Billy, I’ve got to find that horse. The first thing I have to do is find that horse and get the brand…I’ve had a hint, Billy, that the man may have belonged to a very tough outfit, and if they find he has been murdered they may come shootin’.

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