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If we were to condense The Heart Satra down to an even more succinct message, it would be the single syllable Al:t [Tib. a~]. Now, through hearing the explanation of the title, you have gained a general idea of what The Heart Satra is about. 44 Ceaseless Echoes o(The Great Silence MAIN TEXT ''Thus I Have Heard" This line stands at the beginning of all the sutras. It ~as placed there by command of Buddha Shakyamuni to the disciples he had entrusted with the task of collecting and editing his teachings before his paranirvana.

Vafi means "possessor" and is a feminine. " The Tibetans translated bhagavafi into three words: Chom Den Dema (bCom-ldan-' das-ma). " These are the conditions for achieving the state of buddhahood. Mn refers to the realizer, the wisdom itself, which has destroyed negative forces, taken possession of all good qualities of san)Sara and nirvar:ta, and then gone beyond all extremes. What is destroyed? The negative, or demonic forces, also called maras, which are fourfold: 1) the demon of emotions; 2) the demon of aggregates; 3) the demon of death and dissolution; 4) the demon of distraction or of sensual indulgence.

2) Feeling Feeling is the second skandha. Again, feeling refers to many things aggregated together, but whereas form is mass, feeling is considered to be part of the. mind. Mass and consciousness are quite different. Because as ordinary beings we have no clear understanding about the aggregates, we may think that feelings-<>r emotions-are identical with our bodies. Of course they have a very strong connection, but in their function they are quite different. Feeling is important because it conditions our mental aggregate and determines what, in the end, we experience.

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