Chemistry Experiments for Children by Virginia L. Mullin PDF

By Virginia L. Mullin

Young ones can detect vital rules of recent technology via carrying out those interesting experiments. acceptable for grade schoolers and teenagers, this illustrated quantity explains the language of chemistry and lab suggestions. greater than forty experiments comprise starting to be a crystal backyard, production oxygen, making a miniature volcano, making cleaning soap and toothpaste, and extra.

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As the solutions cooled, other crystals, similar to the one on the string, began to form in clusters around it. If you were lucky, you found one large crystal growing steadily larger. No matter how many crystals formed, all the crystals of each chemical were 60 the same shape and had the same general appearance regardless of size. Crystals tied on the string were seed crystals. They provided surfaces for the others to grow around. When the solutions cooled, some of the solute separated out in crystalline patterns, characteristic of the particular solute.

Connect the central terminal of the same dry cell to the outside terminal of the second dry cell with the 4-inch length of wire. Connect the second 6-inch length of wire to the central terminal of the second 50 dry cell. You now have this arrangement from left to right : 6-inch wire, dry cell, 4-inch wire, dry cell, 6-inch wire. Wrap one of the loose ends of wire around the threads (screw-type grooves) of the flashlight bulb. Be sure the connection is very tight. In the remaining wire, make an S-shaped bend about 2 inches from one end, so that you can rest it on the edge of a jar.

Teaspoonful of magnesium sulfate in the second test tube, and so on until you have t teaspoonful of one powdered or crystalline chemical in each of the first 7 test tubes. Then put I teaspoonful of alcohol into the eighth test tube. Now add I tablespoonful of water to the contents of each test tube. Taste a speck of the alcohol and water. Write in the data for the first three entries of a data sheet, drawn up like this: No. of Test Tube 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 NaCI MgSO CHaCOOC. OH Contents H,COOH Appearance before dissolving Description of taste Appearance of solution Appearance after evaporation Description of taste Gently heat each tube in turn over the alcohol burner until its contents begin to boil.

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