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By Marios Mavrogiorgos

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This monograph investigates the morpho-syntactic and different houses of clitic pronouns in Greek and provides a grammar of proclisis and enclisis in mild of Chomsky’s (1995, 2001a, 2005) Minimalist application. It explores the character of clitics as syntactic topicalizers that are probed by means of structurally better verbal heads to which they stream and into which they include morpho-syntactically. A concept is complicated in accordance with which cliticization derives from syntactic contract among (the phi-features of) a clitic pronoun and a section head, v* in terms of proclisis and CM relating to enclisis. Incorporation of the clitic into its host is argued to rely on components, i.e. the truth that the clitic basically features a subset of the gains of its host, and the truth that the sting of the host is available. additionally, the syntax of sturdy pronouns and their relation to clitics, of negated imperatives, of surrogate imperatives and of unfastened clitic ordering in Greek enclisis also are mentioned. This monograph may entice syntacticians and morphologists in addition to to these drawn to Greek and extra in general in clitic syntax.

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G. emphatic/contrastive focus, 16. In other words, 1st and 2nd person pronouns refer to an individual that is assigned the role ofthe speaker and addressee respectively. g. may differ according to the (spatio-temporal) context, but the speaker role remains constant. 27. lsg to-a party'). 3pl) (note that here aftus is not (although it can be) used deictically). Obviously, 1st and 2nd person pronouns would be felicitous in such contexts, however given the fact that they are inherently indexical/ 23 24 Cities in Greek: A Minimalist Account ofProdisis and Endisis narrow/new information focus, or nuclear stress if they are the most deeply embedded constituent in the non-presupposed part/phrase of the clause), although this is notessential and they may also appear in positions which do not receive any kind of focus.

E. ostensively, and encoding proximity to the speaker - see Lyons 1999 for these notions), coreference between the demonstrative and a c-commanding constituent ls obviously not possible: (i) I Dhomna lpe oti ithele aftin. acc Greek 'Dhomna said that he wanted her (showing someone else in the room): This shows that aftos,-1,-o may have anaphoric/pronominal uses apart from true demonstrative uses. Chapter 2. e. they are not constrained by the Choice Principle. This is shown in the following example, where an adjunct preposition phrase is focalized, which ensures that the 2nd person strong pronoun is not focused (cf.

I will come back to these issues later on. F. Semantic properties of strong object pronouns (semantic) When compared with clitic pronouns, strong (personal) pronouns seem to have somewhat different semantic properties, and certainly different uses up to some degree (which is definitely related to the 'choice issue' discussed in Montalbetti 1984, Lujan 1986, and Cardinalettl & Starke 1999 on more general grounds). Starting with object strong pronouns, these typically get a referential reading, and are mainly used for emphasis, contradiction/antithesis to a previous salient referent, and more generally as the non-presupposed part of the clause.

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