A. P Sinnett's Collected Fruits of Occult Teaching PDF

By A. P Sinnett

ISBN-10: 1564597199

ISBN-13: 9781564597199

1919. Contents: The World's position within the Universe; destiny Lives; faith lower than fix; Occultism in Tennyson's Poetry; 5 Senses; Visits to this international; The Masters and their tools of guide; improved Theosophical wisdom; Pyramids and Stonehenge; great actual legislation of Nature; better Occultism; items of Theosophy; Borderland of technology; Astronomy, Overt and Occult; and Poetry and Theosophy.

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There is no break in the uniformity of the method Archangelic Beings fulfil the Divine purpose on their levels. Elemental beings on levels of consciousness below our comprehension are agents in promoting the growth of plants, or carrying out the laws (the Divine purposes) of chemical affinity. This last thought relates to a huge branch of occult science in a borderland that physical research must soon invade. hierarchy that includes Beings of the Archangelic order (and also others of still loftier spiritual rank) together with humbler agencies below the level of humanity, concerned with the working of natural law, .

The properly understood accounts for humble progress in evolution. The man in the beginning does not know what he wants, but gets it by unconsciously conforming to the law. On a higher level he obeys it consciously, and the result is the same. On all levels, of course short of those that are very exalted, action good or bad Karma, to use the technical expression, good or bad hastens or retards the result, and a mere recognition of the laws concerning reincarnation and Karma goes far to explain and justify the conditions of the world as we find it with all its ghastly irregularities of physical and moral welfare.

Or if he has no such far-reaching aspiration, and finds himself content with the simple enjoyment of the astral life>pn its less exalted levels, he will fall asleep and drift back to physical life in obedience to natural law at the appropriate time. And both in his case and in that of his more advanced contemporaries, the return to physical life will be accomplished as easily as the processes of sleep and waking during physical life, with the iriner mechanism ; and above of which, for that matter, most people'are no better acquainted than with the method of rebirth, the fullest acquaintance with which carries with it the most complete acquiescence in the wisdom, beauty, and harmony of the whole design.

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