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By Esmenia Simoes Osborne, Barbara McIntyre

ISBN-10: 0415430976

ISBN-13: 9780415430975

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ISBN-10: 0415430992

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Even though this isn't a booklet for rookies, in the event you already converse a bit Portuguese and comprehend the sounds of the language, it is a nice source for increasing your wisdom of colloquial Portuguese. I followed a sibling staff from Brazil a few years in the past, so i've got an in-house resource for the language of the road. yet this can be a well-designed, well-written textbook that gives a vocabulary checklist and a studying part in line with the vocabulary lined as much as that time (something that's now rather infrequent in language textbooks in my event as a faculty Spanish prof).

If you continue to need assistance with the sounds of Portuguese, then you definitely may want to buy the audio CD from Amazon (ISBN: 0415430992).

I converse particularly fluent Portuguese, yet I nonetheless need assistance with colloquial speech. i discovered this publication to be precisely what i wanted.

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Exatamente . . não é? . com certeza . . não é mesmo? . é isso mesmo Exercise 5 Vamos escrever Meios de transporte Means of transport Lourenço prefers travelling by train because it is quick and comfortable, whilst Sonia is afraid of travelling by plane and also points out that it is more expensive to fly. Paulo thinks that, without doubt, travelling by bus is cheaper but it is not as fast. Based on the information above, write a dialogue in Portuguese between the three friends. Here are some expressions: prefiro viajar de avião/de trem/de ônibus porque .

Br Language point 3 © The passive The passive voice, ser plus past participle, introduces action (‘is made by . ’/‘was discovered by . ’). It is used in all tenses and follows the same pattern as in English: Unit 2: O Brasil | 25 ser + past participle + por to be + past participle + by O Brasil foi descoberto por Pedro Álvares Cabral. Brazil was discovered by Pedro Álvares Cabral. As redes são tecidas pelos índios. The hammocks are woven by the Indians. Note the past participle agrees in gender and number with the subject of the passive sentence: Esta praça (fpl) foi inaugurada pelo prefeito.

Vou trocar este por aquele. Comprei a cerâmica por R$10. We waited for two hours. She signed it for you. I’m going to exchange this for that one. I bought the pottery for R$10. por followed by a definite article contracts: por por por por + + + + o a os as > > > > pelo pela pelos pelas 5 4 6 for the 4 7 Paguei R$20 pelo almoço. I paid R$20 for the lunch. por also translates ‘through’ and ‘by’: Eles foram pela Rua do Catete. Esse ônibus passa pelo museu? They went through Rua do Catete. Does this bus pass by the museum?

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