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By James Naughton

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Colloquial Slovak is straightforward to take advantage of and is in particular written through skilled academics for self-study or classification use. The direction provide you with a step by step method of written and spoken Slovak. No earlier wisdom of the language is required.What makes Colloquial Slovak your only option in own language studying? interactive – plenty of dialogues and routines for normal perform transparent – concise grammar notes useful – invaluable vocabulary and pronunciation advisor complete – together with resolution key and specific reference part

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Ktore je t o auto? Ake je to auto? Exercise 4 Complete the following as suggested and translate: voda. (good) 1 To je uCitel'a. (good) 2 Ivan ma adresu. (correct) 3 Eva nema ? ( Vilikovsky) 4 Poznate pana 5 Mate vyslovnosi. (nice) 6 Viera ma otca. (English) 7 Ondrej ma matku. (Slovak) 8 hl'adas? (whom) 9 lanko hl'ada (someone) -- . ) about Dialogue 2? 1 Andrew hfada Ivana S abika. 2 Ivan hfada matku. 3 Andrew je americky student. 4 Pani S abfkova hfada niekoho. 5 Pani S abfkova vie len po anglicky.

Cases are vital, but hard for learners to master. We'll try to make it as simple as we can ! The genitive case on its own means 'of'. It also follows preposi­ tion words like do 'into'. The dative means 'to/for'. It also follows k 'towards'. Both cases often denote a change of place. The locative follows words like v 'in'. The instrumental follows words like za 'behind, beyond'. Both cases often denote a location. g. g. TrenCin, mesto). Here are the main basic forms ( the locative ending is the same for both forms ) : 45 46 -- -- genitive -v: -a : - e: dative -u: -e: locative do Bratislavy/do rieky do Treneina/do mesta into Bratislava/the river into Trencfn/the town k Bratislave/k rieke k Trencinulk mestu towa rds Bratis lava/the river towa rds Trencfn/the town v Bratislave/v rieke v Trencine/v meste in Bratislava/the river in Trencfn/the town instrumental ou: -om: - za Bratislavou/za riekou beyond Bratislava/the river za Trencinom/za mestom beyond Trencfn/the town If you can learn this table, it will help a lot later on.

Stary je. hned' za rohom. Moja sestra tarn este stale byva. Novy byt je dos! d'aleko, za Dunajom, v PetrZalke. A vy, co robite? Som predavacka. Predavam v samoobsluhe. Kde? V meste. Prave teraz tarn idem. C akam na autobus. S koda, ze nemame spolocnu cestu. Hello, Mrs Bottovti. How are you? Fine. Where are you going? I'm going to town. I'm just waiting for the tram. And in the afternoon/after lunch I'm going to my aunt's in (lit. to) TrenCin. She has a daughter who is studying English. She 's just writing her thesis (diploma work) and needs help.

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