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By Johan Rooryck

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The research of sentential complementation makes a speciality of houses of sentences which are embedded in different sentences. This booklet brings jointly a number of reports in this subject within the framework of generative grammar. the 1st a part of the ebook makes a speciality of infinitival enhances. the writer presents new views on elevating and regulate, longstanding difficulties in infinitival complementation. He then examines the matter of clitic ordering in infinitives in Romance languages. the second one a part of the e-book addresses numerous features of Wh- sentences: extraction from unfavorable and factive islands, the syntax of unfastened relations, contract in relative clauses, and the relation among French relative and interrogative qui and que.

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E. 22 As a result, the ‘weak’ [+ Focus] feature of C° must always be licensed by some other element in the embedded clause. The dissociation between [+ Focus] and case for the subject of the infinitive also accounts for the dialectal variation reported for French ECM. As noted in section 2, Pollock (1985) pointed out the existence of two dialects with respect to French ECM constructions. One dialect restricts the embedded ECM infinitives of croire verbs to impersonal passives and ergatives, while another dialect does not manifest such a restriction.

I would like to suggest that the passive morphology of the matrix verb is the key to understanding passive sentences with estimate-type verbs. Passive morphology ‘deactivates’ the accusative case features of AGRO, preventing case-checking of the infinitival subject in SpecAGROP. Recall now that believe-type verbs have been analyzed as the accusative counterparts of seem. Verbs such as estimate are also accusative counterparts of seem. In the analysis presented here, the only difference between estimate-type verbs and believetype verbs concerns covert/overt movement in the CP complement of AGRSP to SpecCP.

Ii. How is Case on the subject licensed internally to the ECM complement? I would like to propose that Case on the subject in ECM infinitives is linked to Focus in French. French seems to have the property of independently licensing a case for the subject of infinitives if the event is focused. This can be seen in root infinitives such as (88): (88) Et les linguistes de s’engueuler tout le temps And the linguists of each-other-yell all the time ‘And the linguists did nothing but yell at each other’ The sentence in (88) involves restrictive Focus on the event.

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