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By Abbot C.G., Fowle F.E., Aldrich L.B.

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5 ' ~ Il. 0 8v . :.......... 0............. £l - -.. "". /. .. 6 ... ~ 0 ... ····· '\. A ..... """"9- - - 9 ... .......... 0 .. 5 ~ v Q. 15. Effects of pH 6 (watered control) and pH 2 treatment on exchange· able Ca and Mg in the 0 horizon and the Bsl layer under Norway spruce (S), Scots pine (P), and European white birch (B) in experiment A-3 . D. Stuanes and G. Abrahamsen 58 directly correlated with the organic matter content as loss of ignition of that horizon (Fig. 1). Much smaller changes were found for the E horizons, and the changes were not related to time .

3. Base saturation of the nonwatered and nonlimed plots over time for all experiments. 1987 43 4. 6 , . b:. ' :r; Q. 8 :r; Q. 4. Effects of artifical rain treatments on soil pH with increasing depth in experiment A-I. year of watering, treatment effects on soil pH were statistically significant at all four soil depths. In 1984 and 1988, significant effects could still be seen in the Bs2 layer but not in the overlying layers. Soil base saturation was significantly influenced by the pH 3 and somewhat by the pH 4 treatments in both Ah and E horizons in 1978 and 1981 (Fig.

All the lysimeter series were watered according to the schedule for the watering of the field plots. 4. The time required to apply 50 mm of artificial rain varied from 20 min in experiments A-I and A-3 to 8h in experiment B-2, according to the differences in plot size and the capacity of the water pump. For example, only 375 or 750L or water was applied to each plot in experiment A-I, whereas more than 31,OOOL was applied per plot in experiment B-2. 3. Selected properties of groundwater used in the experiments (data from Abrahamsen et al.

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