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By Charles E. Townsend

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Carrying on with with Russian is an intermediate-advanced textbook for college kids who've been via a full-sized straightforward textual content and feature been uncovered to the extra easy morphological styles and a first-year vocabulary. additionally, the volume and variety of grammatical info contained in its twenty-five classes, the great Russian and English notice references within the normal Vocabulary, and the Index should still make it an outstanding reference publication in the course of and lengthy after any Russian direction during which it's used.

The publication is essentially designed for school classes and possibly wouldn't be acceptable for many highschool classes under the third-year point. as a result thorough and sometimes relatively exact therapy of inauspicious and intricate grammatical issues, starting from what volume to fairly finished essays on modal expressions (Lesson IX) and CH verbs (Lesson X) to a bunch of smaller grammatical and lexical questions via either the evaluation and normal classes, carrying on with with Russian can be very beneficial additionally for graduate scholars in Slavic languages and literatures.

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LESSON VO CABULARIES Treatmeпt of eпtries iп the separate (lessoп) vocabularies is basically the same as iп the geпeral vocabulary, except that coпsideraЫy more atteпtioп is paid to the breakdowп of words. g. пред-став-и-ть А hypheп itself is reпdered Ьу ап еп dash : во-ен-н-о-мор-ск-6й Iп additioп, as we said above, roots iп the vocabularies which also occur iп the Root List are giveп iп bo\dface ; procedures for recoveriпg the more basic root iп the Root List from а variaпt which may occur iп а vocabulary were discussed iп the precediпg sectioп.

E. ТОРОТ/ТРАТ, ТЕРЕТ/ ТРЕТ are variants of а root. Let us examine four cases covering а\1 possiЬili­ ties : СТОРОН/СТРАН side middle СЕРЕд/СРЕД head ГОЛОВ/ГЛАВ МОЛОК/МЛЕК milk CHURCH SLAVONJC RUSSIAN сторон-а серед-Ин-а голов-а молок-6 side middle head milk стран-а сред-а глав-а млек-о-пит-а-ющ-ее country medium ; Wednesday head (chief) ; chapter mammal (ПИТ ' feed ) ' Both the Russian and Church Slavonic variants are used to build а variety of derived and compound words. Once again, in cases where the R vs.

The past teпse of suffixed stems, on the other haпd, is iпferaЫe from the iпfiпitive, as meпtioпed above. We may, theп, mark fixed stress, whether it is оп the stem or the eпdiпg, with а siпgle acute mark. When it is on the stem, we place the acute mark on the stem. g. -Ить. But we deпote shifting stress Ьу the absence of апу stress mark at all. Неге are examples of both noпsuffixed апd suffixed basic-form types : NONSUFFIXED Basic form станут : стал, стало, стали, стала нёсут : нёс, несло, несли, несла живут : жИл, жИло, жИли-жила апd, Ьу inference, стану, станешь, etc.

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