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The mechanics of fluids and the mechanics of solids symbolize the 2 significant components of physics and utilized arithmetic that meet in continuum mechanics, a box that varieties the basis of civil and mechanical engineering. This unified method of the educating of fluid and good mechanics makes a speciality of the final mechanical ideas that observe to all fabrics. scholars who've familiarized themselves with the elemental rules can move directly to concentrate on any of different branches of continuum mechanics. this article opens with introductory chapters on matrix algebra, vectors and Cartesian tensors, and an research of deformation and pressure. Succeeding chapters research the mathematical statements of the legislation of conservation of mass, momentum, and effort in addition to the formula of the mechanical constitutive equations for numerous sessions of fluids and solids. as well as many labored examples, this quantity contains a graded choice of difficulties (with solutions, the place appropriate). aimed at undergraduate scholars of utilized arithmetic, it is going to additionally turn out necessary to physicists and engineers.

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5 Isotropic tensors The tensor I = δijei ⊗ ej is called the unit tensor. 13), Thus the tensor I has the property that its components are δij in any coordinate system. A tensor whose components are the same in any coordinate system is called an isotropic tensor. It can be shown that the only isotropic tensors of order two are of the form pI, where p is a scalar. Such tensors are sometimes called spherical tensors. 36) is an isotropic tensor of order three, provided that only coordinate transformations which correspond to proper orthogonal matrices (that is, rotations) are allowed.

Suppose that in (a) above, B = AT. Then Bij = Aji, and so the element in the ith row and jth column of AAT is AikAjk. 16), y = A–1x. 18) By a direct extension of this argument tr ABC = AijBjkCki, and so on. 19) If a is as in (e) above, and A is a 3 x 3 matrix, then Aa is a 3 x 1 column matrix, and the element in its ith row is Airar, which is written as Airar. 20) These can be verified directly by considering all possible combinations of values of i, j, p, q, r and s. 22) An index on which a summation is carried out is called a dummy index.

1) so that Aij is the element in the ith row and the jth column of the matrix A. The index i takes values 1, 2, . . , m, and the index j takes values 1, 2, . . , n. In continuum mechanics the matrices which occur are usually either 3 x 3 square matrices, 3 × 1 column matrices or 1 x 3 row matrices. ). ). Unless otherwise stated, indices will take the values 1, 2 and 3, although most of the results to be given remain true for arbitrary ranges of the indices. 3) where AT denotes the transpose of A.

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