M. Abate, F. Tovena's Curves and Surfaces PDF

By M. Abate, F. Tovena

ISBN-10: 8847019400

ISBN-13: 9788847019409

The e-book offers an advent to Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces. the idea of curves starts off with a dialogue of attainable definitions of the idea that of curve, proving particularly the class of 1-dimensional manifolds. We then current the classical neighborhood thought of parametrized airplane and house curves (curves in n-dimensional area are mentioned within the complementary material): curvature, torsion, Frenet’s formulation and the elemental theorem of the neighborhood idea of curves. Then, after a self-contained presentation of measure concept for non-stop self-maps of the circumference, we research the worldwide thought of airplane curves, introducing winding and rotation numbers, and proving the Jordan curve theorem for curves of sophistication C2, and Hopf theorem at the rotation variety of closed easy curves. The neighborhood concept of surfaces starts off with a comparability of the idea that of parametrized (i.e., immersed) floor with the concept that of normal (i.e., embedded) floor. We then enhance the elemental differential geometry of surfaces in R3: definitions, examples, differentiable maps and capabilities, tangent vectors (presented either as vectors tangent to curves within the floor and as derivations on germs of differentiable capabilities; we will continuously use either techniques within the complete publication) and orientation. subsequent we learn the different notions of curvature on a floor, stressing either the geometrical which means of the items brought and the algebraic/analytical equipment had to examine them through the Gauss map, as much as the evidence of Gauss’ Teorema Egregium. Then we introduce vector fields on a floor (flow, first integrals, fundamental curves) and geodesics (definition, easy homes, geodesic curvature, and, within the complementary fabric, an entire facts of minimizing houses of geodesics and of the Hopf-Rinow theorem for surfaces). Then we will current an explanation of the distinguished Gauss-Bonnet theorem, either in its neighborhood and in its international shape, utilizing simple homes (fully proved within the complementary fabric) of triangulations of surfaces. As an software, we will end up the Poincaré-Hopf theorem on zeroes of vector fields. eventually, the final bankruptcy might be dedicated to a number of vital effects at the international thought of surfaces, like for example the characterization of surfaces with consistent Gaussian curvature, and the orientability of compact surfaces in R3.

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14) and such that t(s0 ) = t0 , n(s0 ) = n0 , and b(s0 ) = b0 . We want to prove that the triple {t, n, b} we have just found is the Frenet frame of some curve. We show first that being an orthonormal basis in s0 forces it to be so in every point. 14) we deduce that the functions t, t , t, n , t, b , n, n , n, b , and b, b satisfy the following system of six linear ordinary differential equations in 6 unknowns ⎧ d ⎪ ds t, t = 2κ t, n , ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ d ⎪ ⎪ ds t, n = −κ t, t + τ t, b + κ n, n , ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ ⎨ d t, b = −τ t, n + κ n, b , ds d ⎪ ⎪ ds n, n = −2κ t, n + 2τ n, b , ⎪ ⎪ ⎪ d ⎪ ⎪ ds n, b = −κ t, b − τ n, n + τ b, b , ⎪ ⎪ ⎩ d ds b, b = −2τ n, b , with initial conditions t, t (s0 ) = 1 , t, n (s0 ) = 0 , t, b (s0 ) = 0 , n, n (s0 ) = 1 , n, b (s0 ) = 0 , b, b (s0 ) = 1 .

To find the torsion of a biregular curve σ: I → R3 with an arbi˙ n . 12), we get σ ∧σ σ ∧σ db dt db 1 b˙ = = = ds ds dt σ − σ ∧ σ ,σ ∧ σ σ ∧σ 3 σ ∧σ . 7), we obtain τ =− σ ∧ σ ,σ σ ∧σ 2 = σ ∧ σ ,σ σ ∧σ 2 . 31. If σ: I → R3 is the usual parametrization σ(t) = t, f (t) of the graph of a function f : I → R2 with f nowhere zero, then τ= f det(f , f ) . 32. 15. 12, we find τ (s) ≡ r2 a . + a2 Thus both the curvature and the torsion of the circular helix are constant. We have computed the derivative of the tangent versor and of the binormal versor; for the sake of completeness, let us compute the derivative of the normal versor too.

32. Determine the arc length, the curvature and the torsion of the curve σ: R → R3 defined by σ(t) = (a cosh t, b sinh t, a t). Prove that, if a = b = 1, then the curvature is equal to the torsion for every value of the parameter. 33. Let σ: R → R3 be the mapping defined by √ √ σ(t) = (2 2 t − sin t, 2 2 sin t + t, 3 cos t) . Prove that the curve defined by σ is a circular helix (up to a rigid motion of R3 ). 34. Consider a plane curve σ: I → R2 parametrized by arc length. 4). 35. Let σ: [a, b] → R3 be a curve of class at least C 2 .

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