Ed Dr. Dufresne's Devil, Don't Touch My Stuff PDF

By Ed Dr. Dufresne

This booklet used to be written so grownup believers might clutch the very important inspiration of the authority Jesus gave us over devil and his kingdom---the authority that permits us to claim, "Devil, do not contact my stuff!" Dr. Ed Dufresne

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Come on—we're living in a real world. Those kids know more than you think they know. You don't need to apologize for God. Walk and believe what God says, and then your kids will believe it. " They'll know it works all the time. I was away holding a meeting and Nancy called to say, "Stephen is sick. " I prayed for him. " The next day she called again. " She said, "When you prayed for him on the phone, the pain left, but after you hung up the phone, the pain came back. We went into the den so he could lie on the couch.

James 4:7,8). Unfortunately, many people draw nigh to the devil and resist God! They resist His Word. " They draw nigh to the symptoms. They draw nigh to what someone else said. They draw nigh to what the medical report said instead of drawing nigh to the Word of God. There's a devil-hunting fad going on now. They're spitting up into jars and saying that's devils — all kinds of stupid things. They even want to talk to the devils. Well, that devil will fool you. He'll say, "I was in George Washington," or someone else in the past.

When they're as young as ten years old, they're running the house, all because their parents don't want to be bothered. We can't take that attitude. We must raise our children properly. Learn to Say No We also must learn how to say no to them—and to the devil, because the devil will resist you and resist you and resist you until he breaks you down. But the Bible says if you'll resist him, he'll flee from you. Notice James says, "Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. " (James 4:7,8). Unfortunately, many people draw nigh to the devil and resist God!

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Devil, Don't Touch My Stuff by Ed Dr. Dufresne

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