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6 centimetres, about the size of an orange. 1 centimetres, about the size of a tennis ball. Using a cunning technique called implosion, in which conventional chemical explosives are used to produce a shock wave which uniformly compresses the plutonium sphere, the volume of the plutonium sphere can be reduced and its density increased. If the original mass of the plutonium is just less than critical it will, after compression, become super-critical and a nuclear explosion will take place. 92 grammes per cubic centimetre, is used.

The timing of the injection is crucial for maximum efficiency. The explosive yield of a boosted weapon can be varied by varying the amount of tritium and deuterium injected onto the core of the weapon. Alternatively, as described above, the yield can be varied by varying the voltage on the neutron gun. 3 years, the tritium in the reservoir has to be replaced regularly. For ease of replacement the reservoir is fixed on the exterior of the weapon. THERMONUCLEAR WEAPONS If explosions in the range of a few thousand kilotonnes are required, extra energy must be obtained from fusion.

The Russian plant is the Mayak plant at Chelyabinsk, which reprocesses uranium oxide fuel. The Japanese are operating a smaller reprocessing plant for uranium oxide fuel—the PNC plant at Tokaimura—and are constructing a new reprocessing plant at Rokkashomura, for uranium oxide fuels, scheduled for operation in 1998. India operates a small reprocessing plant at Tarapur and is building another at Kalpakkam, both for uranium oxide fuels. Russia is constructing a large reprocessing plant at Krasnoyarsk.

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