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597) ajpoqhsauri>zw, — ap-oth-ay-sow-rid’-zo; from (575) (ajpo>) and (2343) (qhsauri>zw); to treasure away: — lay up in store. (598) ajpoqli>bw, — ap-oth-lee’-bo; from (575) (ajpo>) and (2346) (qli>bw); to crowd from (every side): — press. (599) ajpoqnh>skw, — ap-oth-nace’-ko; from (575) (ajpo>) and (2348) (qnh>skw); to die off (literal or figurative): — be dead, death, die, lie-a-dying, be slain (x with). (600) ajpokaqi>sthmi, — ap-ok-ath-is’-tay-mee; from (575) (ajpo>) and (2525) (kaqi>sthmi); to reconstitute (in health, home or organization): — restore (again).

577) ajpoba>llw , — ap-ob-al’-lo; from (575) (ajpo>) and (906) (ba>llw ); to throw off; figurative to lose: — cast away. e. (figurative) intently regard: — have respect. e. (figurative) such as to be rejected: — be refused. (580) ajpobolh>, — ap-ob-ol-ay’; from (577) (ajpoba>llw ); rejection; figurative loss: — casting away, loss. e. deceased (figurative renounced): — being dead. (582) ajpografh>, — ap-og-raf-ay’; from (583) (ajpogra>fw); an enrollment; by implication an assessment: — taxing. e.

470) ajntapokri>nomai , — an-tap-ok-ree’-nom-ahee; from (473) (ajnti> ) and (611) (ajpokri>nomai ); to contradict or dispute: — answer again, reply against. (471) ajnte>pw, — an-tep’-o; from (473) (ajnti> ) and (2036) (e]pw); to refute or deny: — gainsay, say against. e. (by implication) adhere to; by extension to care for: — hold fast, hold to, support. e. instead or because of (rarely in addition to): — for, in the room of. Often used in composition to denote contrast, requital, substitution, correspondence, etc.

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