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By utilizing greater than a hundred transparent images and concise textual content on all facets of rappelling, from rigging uncomplicated rope and anchor structures to facing complex emergency events.

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Read e-book online How to rappel! PDF

By using greater than a hundred transparent pictures and concise textual content on all elements of rappelling, from rigging uncomplicated rope and anchor structures to facing advanced emergency occasions.

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The leg loops should allow free leg movement, and the waist belt must be small enough that it cannot pull over your hips. It's helpful if the harness has a belay loop. Use the harness according to manufacturer's instructions, paying special attention to the buckle. Use only harnesses that are in good condition, less than five to eight years old. Rappel Devices Tubes and Plates Manufacturers offer many styles of tube- and plate-style rappel devices. For climbers, these make excellent belay devices, and they're decent for rappelling.

If the rope frequently locks up and gives a "jerky" rappel, clip a second carabiner into your harness and the rope to smooth things out.  The plate has a keeper cord, so you can't drop it.  Rig it like a plate device.  The Jaws belay/ rappel device has V-shaped grooves that the rope runs through so you can easily vary the friction to meet your needs. Figure-8 Figure-8s come in many sizes and styles. They're simple to rig, and they give a nice, smooth ride. For sport rappelling a figure-8 is probably the way to go.

Never clip more than one loop of the daisy into a carabiner. Rigging Your Ropes If you don't need to retrieve the rope from the bottom, you can "fix" it by tying or clipping it into the anchors with a figure-8 knot or equalizing figure-8 knot. With a fixed rope, you usually rappel on a single strand. Ropes to be retrieved from below must pass through the anchor rings, with the middle of the rope set at the anchors. With one rope, though, you can rappel only half a rope length. For a full-length rappel you need two ropes.

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