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By Ruth Rubio-Marín

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Immigration increases a couple of very important ethical concerns relating to entry to the rights and privileges of citizenship. at the moment, immigrants to so much Western democracies needs to fulfill a variety of stipulations ahead of attaining citizenship. This publication argues that this is often unjust and undemocratic, and that there will be a time threshold and then immigrants may still both be granted complete citizenship rights, or can be offered nationality immediately, with none stipulations. the writer contrasts her place with the constitutional perform of 2 nations with wealthy immigration traditions: Germany and the USA.

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Such a conception not only tends to overlook the short history of nation-states as political structures but is generally also bound to conceptions of the political community which emphasize its ethnic, cultural or linguistic elements, or, as Habermas has put it, the ethno-cultural Õ Only on these grounds can we claim that Western liberal countries have now achieved a more perfect democracy than that of Athens, at least in terms of its inclusiveness. Recall that in Athens not only women and slaves were excluded from the political realm, but also the so-called metics.

The similarities that this group presents with permanent resident alien workers is striking (Walzer 1983: 42). 28 Immigration as a democratic challenge substance of citizenship (Habermas 1992: 658), over its political or constitutional construction. Relegated to second place is the potential of democracy as an old ideal (actually much older than nation-states) expressing the need for political equality as a condition for the legitimate political coexistence of human beings, in whatever political unity serves as a realm for political interaction, legally and institutionally regulated.

Included among the features which deWne the citizen in a liberal polity is a capacity for a conception of the good which they can not only form but also revise and pursue (Rawls 1993: 19). If this is so, these societies should recognize the possibility for permanent resident aliens to rely on an opportunity, equal to that of any other societal member, to redeWne their life projects in the light of their local experience. And this is not only in abstract terms, but also through the preservation of whatever attachments and ties they might have developed, and within the proper cultural context for the interpretation of these bonds.

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Immigration as a Democratic Challenge: Citizenship and Inclusion in Germany and the United States by Ruth Rubio-Marín

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