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By Bernd Evers, Jon Hendricks, Astrit Schmidt-Burkhardt, George Maciunas

ISBN-10: 3932809394

ISBN-13: 9783932809392

George Maciunas--artist, gallerist, and entrepeneur--is usually credited because the inventor of Fluxus. as well as enhancing and designing the 1st anthology entitled Fluxus in 1960, he additionally provided the paper and cash for printing. by way of 1961 Maciunas had moved from ny to Germany to flee his collectors. This e-book facilities round 3 dozen diagrams of historical past designed by means of Maciunas among 1953 and 1973 as a visualization of chronological causality. Maciunas tried in numerous how one can draw an image of historical past utilizing dates, proof, strains, and vectors--the end result, as various black and white illustrations all through this quantity testify, is clinical and even as artistically attention-grabbing.

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The thematic segments are linked by penciled-in arrows, there being no more room for further illustrations in this knowledge map. da"]hWf^_j["WdZf^eje]hWf^i edb_d[ZfWf[h"+&i^[[ji_dh_d]X_dZ[h" [WY^(-$/ × ('$,Yc$IjWWji]Wb[h_[ Ijkjj]Whj"Ie^c7hY^_l[žF^eje]hWf^0 IjWWji]Wb[h_[Ijkjj]Whj “Italo Gothic style,” etc. The definition of consecutive epochs and localization of artistic schools, on the other hand, lend the history of ancient art a certain logic. This was a design principle that could be applied to all areas of knowledge, whether they were concerned with prehistoric artifacts from China, archeological finds documenting the “Siberian interrelationship with [the] West and China,” or European or US American art.

118 This self-glorifying distinction places Neo-Dada firmly in the tradition of Dada, by claiming to have completed the avantgarde project which Dada began. 119 Yet it fell short of its target. The sanitized version of “Neo-Dada in Music, Theater, Poetry, Art” which Maciunas sent to Raoul Hausmann had had this particular point removed, but incensed the irritable old Dadaist nonetheless. Hausmann was one of several who followed the Neo-Dadaists’ activities in the USA, Italy, to a certain extent in Paris, and above all in Germany with both interest and suspicion in equal measure.

As mentioned above, he was no friend of theory and intellectual art. What impressed him were rather disciplined revolutionaries such as Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who ran a country by day, and wrote propagandistic speeches by night. 86 This, in other words, was how his Fluxus-style planned economy looked. 87 Despite the vehemence of his critique, Maciunas was not in fact able to change this. On the contrary, it seems that he provoked just the opposite. 7 The Atlas of Russian History and the Chronologies enabled Maciunas to gain a wide-ranging overview of Russian history.

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Maciunas' Learning Machines : from art history to a chronology of Fluxus by Bernd Evers, Jon Hendricks, Astrit Schmidt-Burkhardt, George Maciunas

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