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The Defi- THE DEFIANT DAY FIGHTER ant climbed underneath the bombers, their gunn rs picking their target and firing up into their bellies. Garvin's gunner shot down two Ju 88s in quick succession, while Fit Lt Banham and Pit Off Goodall attacked the same Ju 88, claiming it damaged. Pit Off Young climbed under a Heinkel formation and his gunner shot down one He III; amI PIt Off Welsh potted a straggling Ju 88 and shor that down. The German fighter pilots began to notice the bombers falling in flames below them, and dived down to pick off the attacking fighters.

Turner Ju 87 L7005 Fit Lt N. Cooke Cpl A. Lippett 3 xBf 109, 5xJu 87, share Ju 88 L7006 Pit Off E. Barwell Pit Off C. E. Williams Bf 109. Bf 110. 2 xJu 87 63 THE DEFIANT DAY FIGHTER THE DEFIA T DAY FIGHTER away towards the sea; soon aFter, PIt Off Young's gunner, LAC Johnson, opened Fire on one of the attackers, and it, too, Fell away - Young saw just one parachute emerge From the stricken aircraFt. But then disaster truck: Johnson yelled that there wa another DeFiant almost on top of them, and with that, PIt OFF Whitley's aircraft cra hed into them, and Young's Defiant disintegrated.

These would serve as prototypes for a new Mark 11 Defiant. The initial batch of eighty-seven production aircraft had been fitted with a two-speed propeller, but on 22 April the first constant speed propeller was tested on a Defiant for the first time and, as it greatly improved climb performance, it was fitted to subsequent aircraft. Sqn Ldr Hunter had arrived at the factory on 11 April hoping to test this aircraft, but it was not yet ready. He did take the opportunity to complain about the retracting rear wireless mast, which wa snapping off at the rate of one a day because it did not retract when the wheels were lowered, and hit the ground on touchdown.

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