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By Keith R. Symon

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This article is meant because the foundation for an intermediate path in mechanics on the undergraduate point. this type of path, as crucial instruction for complex paintings in physics, has numerous significant pursuits. It needs to increase within the scholar a radical realizing of the basic rules of mechanics. it's going to deal with intimately definite particular difficulties of basic significance in physics, for instance, the harmonic oscillator and the movement of a particle below a critical strength.

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De: méridionale Ebene F r : plan m é ridien Pl: plaszczyzna poludnikowa, plaszczyzna merydionalna Ru: Me- pM^MOHaJIbHaH nJIOCKOCTL· -105 periodically symmetric flow relative to an axis 1. Motion of a fluid in which the field of flow (-205) is filled with a series of identical streams of finite dimen- sions, symmetrically disposed about axis. e. in general, different pressures and velocities differing in magnitude and direction prevail in them, but the corresponding point in any two streams are in identical conditions.

De: Abbildungsfunktion, konforme abbildungsvermittelnde Funktion Fr: fonction de la représentation conforme PI: funkeja odwzorowujqca Ru: OToöpa^KaiomaH oi>yHKu;piH -864 f-plane, original plane The plane on which a flow of the perfect liquid (-05-425) occurs, usually past a circle, and is transformed by the method of conformai representation (-860) into a flow past a given profile on the z-plane (-866). De: f-Ebene Fr: plan f, plan initial PI: plaszczyzna pierwotna, plaszczyzna pomocnicza Ru: BcnoivioraTejibHaa njiocKOCTL· z-plane The plane on which a flow past a given profile occurs and is obtained by the conformai transformation of another flow occurring on the original plane, called £-plane (-864).

Iwej Ru: ypaBHeHMe HenpepbiBHOCTM n^eajiHoii jKMßKOcra -540 general continuity equation The equation expressing the conservat i o n of a fluid m e d i u m (-25-015) i n m o t i o n ; in g e n e r a l f o r m V A De: allgemeine Kontinuitätsgleichung, allgemeine Stetigkeitsgleichung Fr: équation générale de continuité PI: rownanie ci^gloéci ogolne Ru: oöiuee ypaBHemie HenpepblBHOCTH -545 Lagrangian continuity equation T h e c o n t i n u i t y e q u a t i o n of a fluid e x p r e s s e d in L a g r a n g i a n c o - o r d i n a t e s i n t h e f o r m of QD =ρ0 w h e r e ρ d e n o t e s t h e d e n s i t y of t h e fluid in an element at a position defined b y t h e i n s t a n t a n e o u s c o - o r d i n a t e s (x, y, z) a n d ρ0 — t h e d e n s i t y of t h e fluid i n t h e same element at t h e initial stage, defin e d b y t h e c o - o r d i n a t e s ( r 0 , y 0 , z0) a n d D(x0f y 0 , z0) is t h e f u n c t i o n a l d e t e r m i n a n t of t h e i n s t a n t a n e o u s c o - o r d i n a t e s (x, y, z) w i t h r e s p e c t to t h e i n i t i a l c o - o r d i n a t e s (x0, y 0 , z e ).

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