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By Sharon Wynne

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An iamb is two syllables, unaccented and accented, per foot or measure. Pentameter means five feet of these iambs per line or ten syllables. Inversion: A typical sentence order to create a given effect or interest. Bacon’s and Milton's work use inversion successfully. Emily Dickinson was fond of arranging words outside of their familiar order. " Instead of saying "Yet I know" and "Yet I am certain" she reverses the usual order and shifts the emphasis to the more important words. Irony: An unexpected disparity between what is written or stated and what is really meant or implied by the author.

Nevertheless, a work of literature that seems to present a character of a particular race in a demeaning or critical way should be avoided. Students should be advised of these matters when they are allowed to select what they will read and report on. Knowing what is too mature sexually for students of a particular age is problematical. Most popular literature includes sexually explicit treatment of characters, plot, conflicts, etc. The safest course is to avoid these resources as much as possible, which amounts to downright censorship.

But in practice, most teachers, supported by presentations in textbooks and by the methods they learned themselves, keep coming back to the same traditional prescriptive approach - read and imitate - or structural approach - learn the parts of speech, the parts of sentence, punctuation rules, sentence patterns. After enough of the terminology and rules are stored in the brain, then we learn to write and speak. For some educators, the best solution is the worst - don’t teach grammar at all. ENGLISH 10 TEACHER CERTIFICATION STUDY GUIDE The same problems occur in teaching usage.

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